Audition for S.T.A.R.S.

Our S.T.A.R.S.

They’re mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters.

They’ve survived dozens of different cancers.

They’ve changed their life question from “why me?” to “what’s next!” with A 2nd Act.

They’re just like YOU are!

So just like them, now it’s time for YOU to share YOUR story from the stage.

We call our group of speakers our Purple Tribe, and they include women survivors of all cancers. We invite you to join us and share your story, becoming part of our on-stage family and inspiring thousands more people.

Your 2nd Act doesn’t have to be a hospital wing or a huge event. It doesn’t even have to be cancer related. It just needs to be YOU giving back to the greater good with what your cancer journey uniquely qualified you to do.

Want to know a little more? We want to hear how you re-entered your life with pizzazz – that’s what the focus of your story, your 2nd Act needs to be.

You’ll spend only about ONE minute of your story on the diagnosis and treatment. Your total reading time should be as near to 5 minutes as possible. And if one of your super powers is humor, go for it! We LOVE humor!

We don’t expect you to memorize – in fact we don’t want you to! We want you to read your essay, just like you will do on stage.

Have a peek at our YouTube Channel to see what your sister survivors have said.

We can’t wait to hear YOUR story and see you on stage!

Donna's 2nd Act

Cheryl's 2nd Act