Your 2nd Act Grant

Micro grants are an important part of our mission!

They are designed to help woman survivors of ANY cancer launch or grow their 2nd Acts that address ANY social need.

How would you use Your 2nd Act grant?

Put your thinking caps on and get ready to apply! Potential 2nd Act ideas:

Are you the creator/founder or co-creator/co-founder of a social impact organization?

Are you looking for funds to apply to further your education?

Do you have an idea to help others? A book, a blog, a website, etc.? The grant application cycle runs every year from June 1 – July 31. Selections are announced in September.

Eureka! You’ve got this!

Here’s what you’ll need for your application:

Have a clear mission and description of the scope of your work.

Know the potential impact of your work on your community.

Explain how your work offers an innovative approach in a unique way.

Provide 3 letters of support.

Provide a clearly defined budget.

You can now apply for this year's grants!

The next A 2nd Act Grant Application Portal will open on June 1!

If you’re thinking about sending in your application when it opens, click the button below to make sure you qualify.

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