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So what’s the deal with these stage shows? We’re so glad you asked!

A 2nd Act presents S.T.A.R.S: Survivors Take a Real Stage! Live, curated stage performances, featuring a cast of eight women survivors of ALL types of cancers, local to the city in which the show is being held. Professionally produced, each woman has auditioned for a slot to share her own story of how she’s using her gifts of life and experience for the greater good.

The size of a 2nd Act doesn’t matter. The doing does! Wanna see?
Take a look at our YouTube channel and you’ll get it!

This stage show concept was the brainchild of our friend and beautiful survivor, Joanna Montgomery. Sadly, her 2nd Act ended in July 2015, following a return of her cancer. But we are honored to continue her vision and passion for sharing survivors’ 2nd Acts.


Every performance of S.T.A.R.S: Survivors Take a Real Stage! accomplishes 3 important goals:

1. It celebrates the breath-taking courage of the participants on stage.

2. It motivates the audience to create their own 2nd Acts, regardless of what their life challenge may be. The stories these women share from the stage inspire in ways no self-help book ever could.

3. It raises funds for micro grants to women survivors, allowing them to follow their dreams, give back to the world and honor their cancer journeys. Learn more HERE.

Peruse our show photo galleries here:





Sometimes humorous … sometimes irreverent … ALWAYS inspiring!

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