Our Mission

Our Mission: Recognizing that healing is helping, A2ndAct celebrates and supports women survivors of ALL cancers who are using their newly realized gifts of life and experience to give back for the greater good.

Everyone loves a good story …

… but ask any cancer survivor and they’ll tell you their cancer story doesn’t end when treatment does. Once a survivor leaves the cocoon of her medical care, she feels cast adrift with no safety net. There is no Humpty Dumpty moment when all the pieces of her life are put back together, rebuilding the person she once was. Rather, she finds herself still dragging the carcass of their illness behind them.

There are myriad emotional and physical issues that arise in survivorship.

But most of all, survivors struggle with making sense of their journey and finding its purpose in their lives. There is an ever growing body of research that supports the theory that helping is healing. By helping others, survivors giving back to the greater good are healing themselves!

Building on this concept, A2ndAct.org was born!

The size of a 2nd Act doesn’t matter. The doing does. And all of our work interconnects, giving emotional, social and financial support to women survivors building their 2nd Acts.

How A2ndAct Works:

Whether you're a survivor, care giver, advocate, sponsor or loving do-gooder, we hope you'll join our ever-growing international village!