Cancer draws a line in the sand of a life, and it doesn’t end when treatment does.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, have no evidence of disease, or you’ve been told you must live with your cancer, you still face one of the biggest survivor challenges of all: Making sense of your cancer journey and finding its purpose in your life.

It’s time to change your question from “Why Me?” to “What Next!” Created with input from onco-psychologists, oncology nurses, social workers, and survivors themselves, the 2nd Act Workshops will provide the direction and inspiration for you to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK after cancer!

Solo and group exercises … amazing survivor stories … and CRAYONS!

The 2nd Act Workshops are not support groups – they’re the discovery of how your skills, passions and cancer experience uniquely qualify you for A 2nd Act. You’ll receive everything you need: a bound workbook, lots of inspiration and motivation, and a customized plan to create your 2nd Act!

Our Workshop Format

These one day workshop retreats include morning refreshments, lunch, and all the materials you’ll need. They are structured in 3 parts:

Part 1 – The Dark Theatre

We will examine the dark parts of our cancer journey, so we can later find the treasure among the wreckage. Then we put the dark away, not to deny it, but to remove its power as a main focus. And we’ll color!

Part 2 – Writing the Script

Building on what we gleaned in Part 1, we’ll examine the concepts of Post Traumatic GROWTH, resilience, and other pertinent components of positive psychology, and how they connect to our cancer journey. We’ll replace the dark with the light. And there’s more coloring!

Part 3 – Debuting YOUR 2nd Act

Working in pairs or small groups, along with 2nd Act volunteers, the participants will put together all the work they’ve done, uncovering what their 2nd Acts could look like. They’ll create bona fide strategies and action plans, with the final goal of seeing what’s next in their lives.

And thanks to generous donors, it’s ALL FREE OF CHARGE and open to ALL women survivors, regardless of where they were treated.

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Here’s what attendees are saying:

“This really helped me to get motivated to continue my work in my 2nd Act.”

“I now have a basis to ‘take off’ on my journey!”

“It’s changed my life!”

“This should be mandatory for EVERY woman survivor!”

Workshops are ALWAYS open to any woman survivor of any cancer, no matter where she was treated.

And they’re ALWAYS free of charge, thanks to generous partners and donors!

Honor Health/Virginia Piper Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers, and Arizona Oncology Foundation have seen the inspiring results of these workshops. Now it’s YOUR turn!


No events scheduled, please check back again.